ERP System

Our ERP System Includes: General Ledger, Store Inventory and Payroll Modules of ERP System.
Following are System's minimum Software and Hardware requirements:

Software Requirements Hardware Requirements
Windows 10 (64bit) 2 Giga Hertz (GHz) or faster 64-bit (x64) processor
Crystal Report Runtime 13.0.8 Minimum 2 GB RAM
 WAPDA ERP User ID Application Form Minimum 512 GB Hard Disk
 Download Crystal Report Crystal Reports View
 Download Bio-Metric Drivers (See Instructions) Bio-Metric Device Digital Persona Finger Print Reader
 Download Access DB Engine (For Fund Directorate Users Only) Graphics card, Internet Connection in case of (WAN) user

Version 1.0.28
Dated: 04-09-2020


IT Support Cell

IT Section of GM Finance (Power) WAPDA, Proud to launch Online Complaints Resolution Portal for its ERP System.
If you are experiencing any issue in ERP Modules, You can now submit a complaint and track its status.
Our IT Team will resolve the complaint and inform you with in prescribed time.


Standard Operating Procedures

Following are approved Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for General Ledger Module, Store Inventory Module and Payroll Module:

  General Ledger Module SOPs
  Store Inventory Module SOPs
  Payroll Module SOPs