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1 NotificationActing ChargeNo. 13554-62/GMFP/Admn/PF-4750 Dated 05-05-2021 Mr. Farasat Baig DM (A&F) Admn Section has taken over/assumed the charge of Manager (A&F) Tax (acting charge)05/05/2021 12:28:13
2 Office OrderAdditional ChargeOffice Order No. 13541-45/GMFP/Admn/PF-4798 Dated 03-05-2021 Additional charge of the vacant post of AM (A&F) Wapda Bond Cell, to Mr. M. Rashid AM (A&F)03/05/2021 12:58:57
3 Office OrderAdditional ChargeOffice Order No. 13461-70/GMFP/Admn/PF-6590 Dated 27-04-2021 Approval for the addtional charge of the vacant post of AM(A&F) HPTI Assign to Mr. Wahab Shakeel AM (A&F)27/04/2021 12:59:35
4 Office OrderAnnual Continued Retention of postsOffice Order No. GMFP/Admn/HPTI Dated 19-04-2021 Member (Power)'s approval for de-activation of following 11 Nos. of Posts of Se/PD HPTI Mangla21/04/2021 11:30:19
5 Office OrderAuthority's Favour to WidowOffice Order No.14225-32/GMFP/Admn/PF-3303 Dated 07-04-2021 Mst. Sabra Syeda widow of Syed Akbar Hussain Shah Ex- Accounts Officer has favored by competent authority Lump-sum payment equal pay up to 365 days, Funeral expenses Rs. 10,000/- and lump-sum grant to Rs. 1.000 Million.09/04/2021 09:10:28