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1 NotificationLast Pay CertificateNo. 2685-92/GMFP/GAD/Misc: dt. 14-10-2022 LPC in R/o Ashfaq Matto Driver of this office19/10/2022 08:26:38
2 NotificationLast Pay CertificateNo. 2693-2700/GMFP/GAD/Misc: dt. 14-10-2022, LPC in R/o Muhammad Rashid AM (A&F) WBC Wapd House Lhr.19/10/2022 08:25:41
3 Office OrderTransfer/PostingNo. 1758-68/GMFP/Admn/PF-13717/10/2022 09:23:59
4 Office OrderTransfer/PostingNo.1557-63/GMFP/Admn/PF-139 Dt: 28.09.2022 Mr. wazir Ali, Assistant transferred and posted in office of CE/PD, 2nd Rehab. Warsak28/09/2022 15:24:04
5 Office OrderClarificationNo. 1142-62/GMFP/GAD/GL dt: 03-08-202218/08/2022 08:25:16